Wire Protection Braided Cable Sleeving , Clear Cut Braided Wire Sleeve Manufacturer

Wire Protection Braided Cable Sleeving , Clear Cut Braided Wire Sleeve Manufacturer

1.  Description for braided sleeves

UL Flame retardant PET expandable sleeve is braided by environment-friendly polyester monofil. (PET,PA6,PA66,PPS), It possesses good flexibility, fire resistance, abrasive resistance and thermal insulation performance. The sleeving owns smooth surface, bright color, various patterns.


Low cost

Prevent tangled rods

Easy push on -push off installation

impervious to mold or mildew

Breathable& will not retain water

lightweight, expandable and flexible

High abrasion resistance

Tinting strength: 100±5℃

Telescopic braided sleeve compiled by the Environmental Protection PET filament diameter monofilament 0.20mm or 0.25mm’s made with good flexibility, flame resistance, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, network management can be easily expanded to the original 150% , and it is easy to tighten the various irregularly shaped objects, which can be maintained within a wide temperature range while maintaining a soft, can inhibit chemical corrosion, UV and friction, characterized by its unique mesh also has good ventilation, wire heat diffusion function in a timely manner. Smooth surface, bright color, variety, thus weaving an ideal product management and bundled applications network of electronic, automotive, aircraft, ships, home and other lines, such as DVI wire nets, HDMI cable nets, fiber optic lines, automotive engine line dress, home theater cable management, computer chassis wire layout, office line management, automotive harnesses, scuba hose protection, wire and cable, lighting accessories, hair appliances, toys and so on. According to wire different colors and textures can be woven into different colors, patterns and different specifications. Each of our products can be designed according to customer demand.

1)   HIGHEST QUALITY NEOPRENE – Our cord organizers are made from highest quality thicker Neoprene to ensure maxium life. It is extremely durable and flexible. Can hold multiple cables easily without ripping or tearing. We also use high quality white neoprene to make sure it does not see through to the black side. The white side looks pure white and clean, not dark and dull as other competition.


BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Our cable management system comes with a 45 day money back guarantee. We will refund or send you a replacement right away.


2)  Tight Weave is designed for use in applications where a balance between economy and optimum coverage and abrasion resistance is required.

The tightly braided construction increases the coverage, wear factor and improves security in any type of harness or cable bundle.


3) As new technologies emerge, and as new challenges demand advanced solutions, we’re on the cutting edge of product development to provide the right solution, at the right time, and at competitive pricing.
Our Product Development Team is eager to work with our customers to help develop and produce the exact products to meet their unique sleeving requirements.


Widely used in bounding and protecting of electrical cables, automobile and aviation sectors.
It’s used to cover cables, wire harnesses, tubes, industrial hoses,Automotive,Automatic equipment.

Usage:Fiber Optic Cable Protection Sleeve Cable/ wire Bundling &  Protection Solution
FOR what Field: From small office/ home office to high tech wire and cable harnesses.
Sleeve Material 0.20mm PET Monofilament
Size 20mm flat width
Expandability 150%
Expanded Range 25mm~55mm
Packaging 250m/Spool,4 Spools/Ctn
Carton Size: 52*52*18cm or customized
Free Sample Available
Full Size Sample Lead time: As usual 3-7 working days
Production Lead time: 7-10 days


Wire Protection Braided Cable Sleeving , Clear Cut Braided Wire Sleeve Manufacturer



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