why to buy the braided sleeves ?

When it comes to versatility, the braided wraparound sleeving is the ideal choice. It is designed for components that cannot be taken apart. With a wraparound sleeve, you simply open up along its length and easily wrap over the bundle of cables or wires. The braided sleeve is best for applications in workstation cabling, automotive and marine engine retrofits, and network bundles, to name a few.


Aside from getting sleeves that are designed for your specific application, make sure you read about its features thoroughly. Is it tough enough that the sleeving will be resistant to cuts? How well can it protect your cables and wires from mechanical damage? Can it be bent or flexed numerous times without incurring any damage? Is it ideal for irregular shapes and contours? Is it flame retardant? And can you easily fit it onto your cables and wires?


Organizing your cables and wires is easy and doable. Just remember to pick the right sleeve for your specific application. And look for features that correspond to your wire management needs.


why to buy the braided sleeves ?                                                        why to buy the braided sleeves ?

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