where to use braided sleeves ?

Much as you’d like to do without them, cables and wires are still necessary in today’s life. Wireless technology may be stepping up and improving some aspects of your life but there are still key items in your home or office that require the use of cables and wires. And these things can get pretty hairy to untangle and really dangerous when left in their disorganized state. Also, knotted cables and wires can make any space look bad.


And these are the exact reasons why you need braided sleeving. This fiber woven sleeve insulates and protects electrical components, not just organize them. Sleeving comes in different materials for different applications: fiberglass for welding and manufacturing, nylon for automotive and mining applications, Teflon for aerospace and military applications, and Kevlar for applications that require advanced engineering and something stronger than steel.


where to use braided sleeves ?



where to use braided sleeves ?



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