What is expandable braided sleeve ?

Expandable braided sleeve is a kind of braided sleeve with environmentally-friendly PET material and has good wear resistance, expandability, smoothness, flame retardancy, and breathable heat dissipation properties.

Products are widely used in computer power cords, audio video lines, lighting, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances and optical cables, motorcycles, automobiles, airplanes and other lines of maintenance and beautification, according to customer requirements with a single or three wire weaving Braided sleeves of different widths, different colors, and different patterns.

Main Description

1. Temperature: -50~+150°C;

2 flame retardant: VW-1;

3 water absorption: ≤ 0.5%;

4Material: braided sleeve is made of high-quality environmental protection polyester PET yarn;

5Usage: HDMI cable, DVI cable, wire and cable, computer power cable, computer peripheral cable, computer chassis harness, headphone cable, audio video cable, network jumper, coaxial cable, broom cable, cable, AV cable, DC cable , Automobile wiring harnesses, lighting, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, and other household appliances as well as the maintenance and beautification of optical cables, motorcycles, automobiles, high-speed railways, motor vehicles, aircrafts, and large-scale machinery;

6 features: excellent flexibility, easy to bend, loose and tight, easy to lead operation, good flexibility, elasticity and wear resistance.

7. Certification: UL, CSA, RoHS, PFOS, REACH 138 items, Halogen Free

8. cutting tools: hot knife

9. the color can be customized according to customer conditions.


What is expandable braided sleeve ?



What is expandable braided sleeve ?



What is expandable braided sleeve ?



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