• Flexible tinned copper Shielding braided sleeving with crimping terminal

    Flexible tinned copper Shielding braided sleeving with crimping terminal Widely used in communications equipment, electronic medical equipment and military equipment, have the effect of shielding and protection of wire and cable. Technical parameters: 1, Material: light weight copper wire 2, Working temperature: – 40 ℃, + 150 ℃ 3, Standard color: tin plating color 4, Certification: ROHS 5, Cutting tools, scissors 6, Other features: the oil resistant, resistant to chemical corrosion. Our mission is to provide our customers with a competitive…

  • Tinned copper braided wire sleeve

    Tinned copper braided wire sleeve Specifications 1.Flat Tinned Copper Braid 2.Cross Woven construction 3.Applications include: Shielding, Ground Straps, Bonding Cable The copper braided wire is used as flexible jointing wire of electric appliance, switch appliance electric stove and storage battery etc. such as Cable, CRT Assembly Wire, Television, Computer Monitor, ETC signal pickup instruments. Braided copper wire can be provided rolled flat or in tubular form. Flat braids are generally used for flexible connections, electrical leads and grounding straps. The…

  • tinned copper braided sleeving for cable protection

    tinned copper braided sleeving for cable protection Material: C11000 copper braided wire Single wire diameter: 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.127mm, 0.15mm, … Cross section: 0.3-4000 SQMM RoHS compliant Customization available for special dimension, shapes and structure. Flexible Tinned Copper Braid Shielding Sleeve Composition: 1. Stainless/Tinned Copper Braid Sleeve Description:  Stainless steel 304 metal/tinned copper braided sleeving is a high temperature, heat and flame resistant thermal insulating sleeve that will stand 900°C continuous exposure. The base high temperature braided fiberglass sleeve is fabricated from high quality type E fiberglass that will not burn. The sleeve is then coated with a vermiculite dispersant adds abrasion resistance and anti-fray properties…

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