• Introduction of Braided Sleeves

    For simple cable and wire management, you’ll want the not-so heavy duty braided sleeves, something suitable for general purpose. Now if you need something that will help you identify wires easily, the braided monofilament sleeving offers the widest array of colors, so you can basically color-code the number of wires or cables you have. The braided monofilament also features the greatest expandability and flexibility from among the various types of sleeves.   If you’re looking for visual appeal, not just…

  • Custom PET Electrical Braided Sleeving High Tensile Strength Environmental Protection China

    Custom PET Electrical Braided Sleeving High Tensile Strength Environmental Protection China 1.  Description for braided sleeves   1, Economical & easy to install light weight, and flexible 2, High tensile strength 3, Easy to be Cut & abrasion resistant 4, Expands up to 150% 5, Halogen free 6, Resists gasoline, chemicals & cleaning solvents 7, SGS, UL, RoHS approved 8, Available up to 3″ in diameter 9, -103F to 257F (-75C to 125C) temperature range 10, Melt temperature 446F (230C)…

  • Application For Braided sleeves Of Cable Protection

    Application For Braided Sleeves Of Cable Protection Widely used in bounding and protecting of electrical cables, automobile and aviation sectors. It’s used to cover cables, wire harnesses, tubes, industrial hoses,Automotive,Automatic equipment. Automobile wires protection Structured cabling system  A/V cables & HDMI cables Industrial hoses & tubes protection          

  • Colorful PET Expandable Braided Sleeving For Jumping Baby Toys

    Colorful PET Expandable Braided Sleeving for Jumping Baby Toys PET sleeving can be generally applied in automobile, marine, military, electron, machinery and aviation industry wiring harnesses widely used in computer power cord, wire, rubber hose, and it is also widely used in industry sector and wire processing industry as protection and beautification. Specifications of  Expandable Braided Sleeving 1. Round PET Braided Expandable Sleeve 2. Green and Halogen Free 3. Flexible and Lightweight 4. Cut with Different Length According to Client’s…

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