Outdoor Development Training Program By Hui Yunhai (4)

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After cooking, the employees started their free activities. Some employees chose to play table tennis, some employees played billiards, and employees chose to go boating. Some employees left to sing in the K room. Some of the staff had a squat in the hammocks of the woods. Individuals with strong energy were riding bicycles to go through the streets.

Outdoor Development Training Program By Hui Yunhai (4)


Outdoor Development Training Program By Hui Yunhai (4)


The cheers and laughter of the day passed through the fresh air outdoors. During the sunset, everyone returned to the company’s dormitory with unfailing enthusiasm. Some colleagues have agreed to continue picking up a few drinks. Some colleagues returned to the company group to share wonderful photos of the day. This outdoor outreach training event ended perfectly. The rest of the work can make everyone relax and enjoy is the greatest gain!

Finally wished more and more to our team. It is hoped that Huiyun Hai will grow stronger! I hope everyone can move forward with Huiyunhai and create a better future together!



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