metal braided sleeve

metal braided sleeve

The copper braided wire is used as flexible jointing wire of electric appliance, switch appliance electric stove and storage battery etc. such as Cable, CRT Assembly Wire, Television, Computer Monitor, ETC signal pickup instruments. Braided copper wire can be provided rolled flat or in tubular form. Flat braids are generally used for flexible connections, electrical leads and grounding straps. The tubular braids are basically used as shielding.

Copper flexible stranded wire is made of super-quality round copper wire or tinning round copper wire , This product has passed tenacity processing, so the complete – product is soft and its outline is beautiful. 

Flat Tinned Copper Braid

Woven tinned copper construction

Each wire meets specification QQ-W-343 type S and ASTM B-33

95% minimum shield coverage

Applications include: Shielding, Ground Straps, Bonding Cable


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