How to choose a protective cover for automotive sensor harness

How to choose a protective cover for automotive sensor harness

braided sleeve

The car harnesses are divided into body harnesses and engine harnesses, as well as headlight harnesses and so on. The wiring harness is to connect all the sensors and appliances on the car to the computer. Send the signal to the computer.

As we all know, when a car is driving, because of the vibration of the vehicle, over time, it will cause the looseness and damage of the harness connector, resulting in the failure of signal transmission, which in turn affects the running function of the entire car. In the process of designing the wiring harness of the automobile, Haozhi Electronics has repeatedly improved the fixing of the wiring harness of the automobile for the problems that may occur during the assembly of the wire harness. The specific fixed protection requirements are as follows:

  1. braided sleeve cover
  2. Wire tie
  3. Electrical tape, etc.

Fixing the ECU harness:

The wire harness from the ECU should first be fixed within 100-150mm for the first time on the ECU to ensure the vibration of the wire harness and the ECU. Secondly, within the distance of 150-200mm from the first fixed point, find the second on the engine. A fixed fulcrum fixes it to ensure that the ECU and harness are synchronized with the vibration of the engine block, thus protecting the safety and reliability of the connection between the ECU and the harness.

Fixation of sensor and actuator harness

There are two points to note about the fixation of this part. First, the bending angle of the wire harness should not be too large, otherwise the wire will be easily damaged after long-term operation of the car; the other is to reduce or eliminate the stress on each sensor and the connector of the actuator. as shown in picture 2.

The fixing requirements of the automobile wiring harness are not unique. It is determined according to the different parts of the vehicle wiring harness of each vehicle. Different wire harness manufacturers have different fixing requirements for the automobile wiring harness. Of course, Haozhi Electronics, a well-known wire harness enterprise in China, will also strive to improve the design level by combining the specific requirements of customers, and provide more safe and reliable automotive wire harness products and services to customers.

How to choose a protective cover for automotive sensor harness




How to choose a protective cover for automotive sensor harness




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