How our braided sleeve is different from our competitors’

What most suppliers won’t tell you is that all braid is not created equally. Most of the low cost “manufacturers” don’t actually make their own braid. They just buy bulk spools from a braided sleeving manufacturer, and respool to smaller, more economical spools. We take this process a few steps further. We have our own brand name “Hui yunhai”With the exception of some of our metallized products (e.g. our silver coated Mylar sleeving), all of our braided sleeving is heat treated. Our PET braided sleeving is also “rounded” during the spooling process..

Rounding a braided sleeve makes it appear more like a tube than a flat product. Even spooled, the sleeving hold its round shape, making for easier installation, and a much better looking harness. Recently, a customer of ours was so happy when we switched them over to a rounded braid, we decided to switch our entire stock over. We are sure you will see the difference too. Ask your current supplier if they will round braid for you. We’re sure they’ll raise your price by at least 15%.we are a manufacturer for over 15 years, so we can give you the most favorable price to expand your business rapidly.

How our braid is different from our competitors'




How our braid is different from our competitors'




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