Features of Tinned Copper Braided Sleeves (3)

Features and Benefits Helagaine HEGEMIP braided sleeving is made of tin-plated copper and polyester yarn. Made of tin-plated copper and polyester threads, Helagaine HEGEMIP and HEGEMIPV0 braided sleeves offer electromagnetic protection as well as secure cable bundling. The mix of materials makes the sleeves expandable and easy to apply. In contrast to purely copper braids, the HEGEMIP and HEGEMIPV0 sleeves can be bent and twisted and still return to their original form. As a result, HEGEMIP and HEGEMIPV0 are particularly suitable for applications where there is movement. The supporting inner tube makes insertion of cables easier and protects the sleeves from deformation during transport. Besides their excellent electromagnetic protection ratings, they are very resistant to abrasion. Both sleeves fulfill the requirements of the international EMI norm CISPR25 (10KHz to 1GHz). Application Helagaine EMI braided sleeving is used for highly sensitive electronics, such as electrical appliances and machines, radio equipment and automobiles.


Features of Tinned Copper Braided Sleeves (3)



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