Braided Sleeving Frequently Asked Questions (1)

What is expandable sleeving?

Expandable braided sleeving serves as an alternative to heat shrink tubing, and is part of Allied’s supply of tubing and cable harnessing solutions. Unlike heat shrink tubing, sleeving does not shrink. Instead, it conveniently fits over wire and cable. Sleeving products typically cost less than heat shrink tubing.

How many types of sleeving are there?

Many types of sleeving products are on the market. The commonly requested styles are polyester expandable sleeving,nylon braided sleeve,stainless steel barided sleeving,tinned copper braided sleeving and so on. Expandable braided sleeving are also popular products.


What are some of the benefits of using expandable sleeving ?

Expandable sleeving is convenient. It does not require the time, effort, or tools necessary for heat shrinking. It is designed to fit well over wire and cable without any alterations. Cost savings are another major advantage of using sleeving rather than heat shrink tubing.

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