Automotive Wire Harness Braided Sleeve

Automotive Wire Harness Braided Sleeve

Braided sleeve is made of environmentally-friendly pet silk, which has good flexibility, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance and heat insulation. The product has smooth surface, bright color and various patterns.

It is widely used in computer power cords, audio video cables, automobiles, aviation, wire and cable industries, etc. It can protect and beautify. It can also be customized according to customer requirements for various colors, various patterns and uv fluorescent colors.

Material: environmentally friendly non-toxic pet material

Uses: Protection and tightening of wires such as computer cables

Features: Excellent softness, easy to bend, loose and tight, easy to wire operation,

Good flexibility, elasticity and wear resistance.

Fire rating: ul94vw-1

Temperature: (-50 °C ~ +150 °C)

Products through UL.CSA, SGS.RoHS,ISO, low smoke, halogen-free certification.

Pet, nylon, fiber

First, the advantages of using this sleeve:

Nowadays people are demanding more and more. They need more functions and more space for the ride. Therefore, the pipe lines will be more and more, and the engine compartments will be arranged more and more densely. Interference will be inevitable. This product complies with the gm3558m standard and the din65164 standard

  1. Pa (nylon monofilament) + pet (polyester monofilament) braided sleeve is used as protective sleeve for automobile hose or wire harness, which can effectively prevent passive interference and wear of hose or wire harness and increase the safety of driving.

2, pa is the best wear resistance of all engineering materials, in addition to poor acid resistance, has excellent overall performance in other aspects.

3, pet is the wear resistance second only to pa, in addition to poor alkali resistance, in other aspects also has excellent comprehensive performance.

4, long-term working temperature: -40 ° C -200 ° C.


Automotive Wire Harness Braided Sleeve





Automotive Wire Harness Braided Sleeve





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