Wire Harness Protection Braided Sleeve

Wire Harness Protection Braided Sleeve

The purpose of putting a protective cover on the wire harness is to reflect the quality and stability of a wire harness protection braided sleeve, and it is inseparable from the outer protective layer, such as the wire harness protection braided sleeve used outside the wire harness, which is good or bad. Some aspects determine the quality of a set of harnesses. During these years, when visiting customers, I often see or hear the customer’s reaction. Some mechanical protection of the wire harness used to protect the wire harness protects the quality of the braided sleeve. For example, some machines will generate heat when working, which requires the material of the wire harness protection braided sleeve to have better temperature resistance, but often see It is a lot of wire harnesses that have been used for a year or even months to protect the braided sleeve from breaking, aging, falling off, and more serious melting or fire.

Therefore, before buying a harness protection braided sleeve management, customers need to know more common knowledge, such as some more demanding equipment, such as some need to use wire harness protection in a higher temperature or lower temperature working environment, the required harness protection The materials of the network management are different, and the difference in materials will lead to a large difference in the price of the wire harness protection braided sleeve management. Frequently, some customers call to buy a wire harness protection network. When I understand the requirements of his use and purchase, I will sweat for him after listening to it.

Last month, a manufacturer who made a car wiring harness called me to report the unit price of the wire harness protection braided sleeve. When I finished the report, he was anxious and said how expensive it is. We buy two-thirds of the price from someone else, but When I talked to him a little more and learned more about it, I went to the warehouse of their company, took a sample, and used a lighter in front of their manager, and immediately yelled, it was not easy. Blow out.

The so-called penny is worth the money. This kind of goods can not only save you money, but your time bomb. Then I took out the wire harness protection samples I took with them, no matter how long they used the lighter, when the fire source When leaving, there is no flame on the wire harness protection braided sleeve. I said that this is the standard for the wire harness protection braided sleeve management of the car wire harness. Of course, there are other aspects of testing items and standards. At this time, I have taken out the testing of various projects. The report shows them to their bosses. I said that a wire harness protection braided sleeve management looks very simple. In fact, if you want to buy the right one for you, you still need to know more about it. You can’t just look at the price, but you need to calculate it. What kind of requirements, what kind of materials should be used, can not be lost because of small, have such a practical example for everyone, but also for those who need to buy such products, less detours, can buy suitable for their own products The harness protects the braided sleeve management, which is what we should do.


Wire Harness Protection Braided Sleeve




Wire Harness Protection Braided Sleeve




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