Why use a braided sleeve when installing a car harness ?

Why use a braided sleeve when installing a car harness ?

It can be said that it is now necessary to measure whether a store’s online materials are sufficiently professional. The evaluation criteria should be changed from “whether or not to use professional wire materials” to “whether or not the professional wire materials will be used correctly”. It’s just a less eye-catching detail, but it’s an important indicator of whether the store knows how to use the wire correctly. In fact, today’s major professional audio events, including the CarCAV refit competition, in the installation scoring project, will clearly require the participating vehicles to fully protect the wire, which is enough to show that the wire is put on the braided sleeve for protection, in fact, It is a basic requirement for “professional modification”.

Nowadays, car audio stores and car owners have become more and more aware of the importance of wire in audio systems. Most audio modification systems use high-quality, high-standard professional car audio cables. However, we should also see that some stores still have some details to be perfect when installing and using the wire. For example, the protection of the wire by the braided sleeve is a part that is easily overlooked.

If many car owners check the audio wiring on their car, they may find that there are many places where the cable tie is fixed, whether it is a power cable, a signal cable or an audio cable. The various wires are also separated from each other to avoid interference. It seems that the installation of the wire has been done everywhere, but if you look closely, will you find the wire that is installed in the car, the “skin” are bare in front of you, and do not wear “clothes” to cover the body? ?

A truly professional car audio system, the wire used will be put on a layer of braided sleeve, what is the mystery? What is the maximum protection for the wire?

The “clothing” we are talking about here is actually a weaving braided sleeve. From the point of view of use, the wire can still work well even if it is not wearing “clothes”. Then why should we emphasize that it should be given a braided sleeve management? This question, in fact, just think about why humans should dress and wear clothes. Naturally, you will understand the principle of putting clothes on your body. Not only can people become more beautiful, but the most important thing is to protect the skin and body from wind, rain and sun. For the wire, it is inevitable that there will be constant friction, high temperature and even trampling in the compartment. Over time, the insulation layer (“skin”) and even the core (“inner”) of the wire will be affected by big or small. The damage will not only damage the working effect of the wire and the playback quality of the sound, but also pose a potential threat to driving safety.

From the above description, we can naturally understand how to use the braided sleeve to protect the car audio wire. At present, most of the wire braided sleeve on the market are made of materials such as PET. On the one hand, they have good wear resistance, smoothness, flame retardancy and heat permeability, which can play a significant protective role on the wire. With good flexibility, the “wearing” process is not cumbersome, and it can be “applied” after “wearing”.

After reading this article, the owners may wish to take a closer look at their car. Does your audio cable have a braided sleeve? For wire, the role of protection and the quality of the core are equally important. Tin foil is responsible for shielding and insulation layer responsible for insulation and anti-interference, while braided sleeve can provide good anti-loss effect for wire.

Why use a braided sleeve when installing a car harness ?




Why use a braided sleeve when installing a car harness ?


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