Wholesale Flexible Bright Color Pet Braided Sleeving

Wholesale Flexible Bright Color Pet Braided Sleeving

PET weaving expandable braided sleeve for cable management is braided by environment friendly polyester monofoil. PET, PA6, PA66, PPS are with good flexibility, fire resistance, abrasive resistance and thermal insulation performance. The sleeving are smooth surface, bright color, various patterns.


Material: Polyester surface

Color: Black,Red,Blue,Pink,Yellow,Green, etc
Feature: Excellent flexibility, Easy bending, Simplify operation, Good scalability, Resilience and Abrasion resistance. PET expandable braided sleeving
Fire rating: VW-1

Nominal temperature: -55 °C~+155 °C
Melting point: 230°C±5°C

Product certification: UL,RoHS


The protection of wire and Tightening up, for computer power cord, audio-video, automotive, aviation , wire and cable industries.


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