What’s special about this fire resistant sleeving?

What’s special about this fire resistant sleeving?

  • Insulates cables and hoses against temperatures up to 662° F (350° C), helping them endure the brutal conditions of military, aviation, fire rescue, and other applications that require superior flame resistance
  • 90,000 psi tensile strength for unparalleled defense against damage from stretching, pulling, and other forms of stress
  • Resists oil, acids, chemicals, and solvents, adding extra protection against common destructive elements
  • Dense weave makes for a soft, pliable feel that is easy to handle, unlike other braided sleevings that can be rough and difficult to bend into place

In situations where temperatures can go from 0-500° F in an instant, there’s no better heat protection than the material that’s been used by race car drivers and firefighters for years. This Nomex flame resistant braided sleeving is tested and proven for use in extreme-temperature applications, and its sleek looks can even improve the appearance of exposed wiring.

Features of this braided sleeve

  • Expands slightly for a snug fit over cables and bundles
  • Cuts easily with regular scissors, keeping installation simple and safe
  • Smooth, distinct looks will not detract from the aesthetics of wiring
  • Halogen Free
  • RoHS Compliant

What's special about this fire resistant sleeving?                                            What's special about this fire resistant sleeving?



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