What is the price of the braided sleeve ?

What is the price of the braided sleeve ?

With the recognition of PET weaving braided sleeve, it is widely used in rail transportation, aerospace, equipment, medical and other fields due to its flame retardant, beautiful appearance, good flexibility and abrasion resistance, heat dissipation, etc., and the price of PET braided sleeve is affordable. But the price of PET braided sleeve is not the same. What are the factors that affect the price of PET braided sleeve ?

First,  materials of braided sleeves

Someone said: “The PET weaves are made of PET monofilament. What’s the difference?” Then you’re wrong. There are many kinds of PET weaving materials, new materials, recycled materials, and semi-new materials. There are flame retardants, flame retardants, and so on, which ultimately affect the price of finished PET braided sleeve. This is also the reason why the flame-retardant and non-environmentally-friendly braided sleeve is relatively inexpensive. And the natural price of the product with the highest environmental protection and flame retardant level will be higher

Second, the braided process

The same specification, multi-color mixing or color knitting is more expensive than conventional black knitting. Blending with multiple thread diameters is more expensive than monofilament diameter PET monofilament; in addition, the knitting process requires relatively high knitting. If the weaving process is not mature, bad products such as skipping, poor shaping and the like will be easily generated, which will greatly affect the quality of the braided sleeve. Therefore braided process is also one of the factors affecting the price.

Third, whether to cut

Due to the need of use, some customers will request to cut to a specified length, so there will be multiple cutting operations in the production process.


What is the price of the braided sleeve ?




What is the price of the braided sleeve ?




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