What can we do with braided sleeves?(1)

What can we do with braided sleeves?

From the perspective of wire and cable sheaths, braided sleeves are one of many types of sheaths or outer sheaths of wires and cables. However, according to the materials used for the wire and cable braided sleeves layer and the different parts of the braided sleeves layer in the wire and cable structure, the function of the braided sleeve layer is obviously different.

First, the role of fiber braided sleeve layer

For electrical wires, the braided fibrous web layer is a form of its lightweight protective layer. Its main role is to protect the insulation from or less than all kinds of light, heat, tide, low temperature, acid and alkali gas erosion and external mechanical damage, to ensure the safe operation of the wire. As for the cable, the braided sleeve layer of the fiber is often in the middle of the sheath to enhance the tear strength of the sheath. For example, the reinforced sheath is a layer of fiber braided sleeve, such as cotton yarn and hemp, in the middle of the rubber or plastic sheath. To increase the strength of the sheath.

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What can we do with braided sleeves?(1)




What can we do with braided sleeves?(1)








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