What are the benefits of Braided Sleeving?

PET Braided Sleeving / cable Braided Sleeving from Shenzhen Huiyunhai Technology Co., Ltd. Information:

PET Braided Sleeving from the performance points on the flame retardant network (Flame retardant braided sleeve) and non-flame retardant network. From the specifications on the points 1MM-100MM. From the processing method of sub-weaving empty tube package to sell or to help customers directly on the wire. From the use of industrial / electrical and electronic (90%) or gift category (10%). From the form of points to expand the telescopic braid and self-winding woven network.

Flame-retardant network is mainly used in automotive wiring harness, fiber optic cable, signal lines and so on. Non-flame retardant network is mainly used in electronic lines, data lines, computer speakers line wire harness and so on.
2, tinned copper braid network management

Tinned copper mesh pipe for grounding, for soft connection.

3, stainless steel braid network management
Stainless steel network management for seismic, compression, wear resistance of the pipe harness type, there are also used for ships and other diving equipment in the wiring harness. As well as lightning protection materials.

Braided network management has a strong flexibility, flexibility is also excellent, wear resistance is also very good, free in the -40 degrees -150 degrees between the normal use of flame retardant 94-V0 high flame retardant, fire, anti-radiation ; Under normal circumstances, the use of UV fluorescent braid state, the high flame-resistant braided pull-type braided network management, can also be customized according to customer requirements. High-speed machine shielding state, the use of woven network can be processed on behalf of the general criminal below, the role of the wire play is very small, but as long as the tin, copper, steel wire, aluminum, magnesium and other products, Its characteristics are obvious, shielded mesh woven with aluminum around the company’s color weaving network management state. Its material is non-toxic, because it is PET material, with the protection and tightening of the computer wire has excellent results, easy to bend and can be tight and tight operation, good flexibility has a good description of it , Fire rating UL94V-2, believe that the flexible bending of the lead wire is the beginning of product certification.

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