Specifications of Braided Sleeves

Specifications of braided sleeves

Firstly, the braided sleeve is made of PET monofilament with a diameter of 0.25MM or 0.20MM. The braided mesh tube can be easily expanded to 150% and easily tightened with various irregular shapes object; it can remain soft over a wide temperature range, can inhibit chemical corrosion, UV and friction, and its unique mesh features also have good ventilation and instant diffusion of wire heat.

secondly: braided sleeves, also known as PET braided sleeve, nylon braided sleeve, snake skin braided sleeve, telescopic braided sleeve, expandable braided sleeve.

Thirdly: the application of braided sleeve, the product surface is smooth, bright color, and a variety of patterns, so the braided sleeve is the ideal product for line management and bundle application of electronics, automobile, shipbuilding, industry, home and so on. For example, DVI wire braided sleeve, HDMI wire braided sleeve, motorized engine line dressing, home theater line management, computer chassis wire arrangement, office line management, car wiring harness, scuba hose protection and so on. Depending on the color and texture of the wire, it can be woven into different colors, patterns and products of different specifications. Each of our products can be designed according to the needs of our customers.


Specifications of braided sleeves




Specifications of braided sleeves



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