Protection Braided Sleeve For Wire And Cable

Protection Braided Sleeve For Wire And Cable

Braided sleeve is one of many kinds of sheaths or outer sheaths for wire and cable. However, depending on the material used for the braiding of the wire and cable and the different parts of the braid in the wire and cable structure, the effect of the braided sleeve is obviously different.

First, the role of PET braided sleeve

For electric wires, the PET braid is a form of its light protective layer. Its main function is to protect the insulation from various light, heat, moisture, low temperature, acid and alkali gas erosion and external mechanical damage. To ensure the safe operation of the wire. For the cable, the fiber braid is often in the middle of the sheath to enhance the tear strength of the sheath. For example, the reinforced jacket is to add cotton yarn to the middle of the rubber or plastic sheath. 1. The fiber woven layer is used to improve the strength of the sheath.

Second, the role of metal braided sleeve

The metal braid mainly consists of a copper wire braid and a steel wire (wire) braid.

The main functions of copper wire braided sleeve are:

l-Shielding effect against electromagnetic interference, such as tinned copper wire braided blue cable, copper wire braided control cable, etc.

  1. Eliminate the shielding effect of the surface potential of the power cable. It acts to bind the power line and eliminate the induction power, such as the total shielding of the high voltage cable.


  1. Shielding effect of safety protection. Braidedcopper wire outside the main core insulation and making good contact with the core or grounding wire can timely reflect the leakage condition, such as shielded mining cable.


Protection Braided Sleeve For Wire And Cable




Protection Braided Sleeve For Wire And Cable





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