PP yarn Cotton Cable Braided Sleeving

PP yarn Cotton Cable Braided Sleeving

We produce professionally braided sleeves and other braided products with 10 years experience.

The main products including braided cable sleeve, fishing rod cover sleeve, braided sleeve magic hair curlers rollers, deco mesh flex tubing for decoration of christmas, flowers and wreaths making, and gifts wrapping, the kitty boink cat toy playing tube for keeping your cat amused and active, corrugated tube, silicone hose and some other braided products.

PP cotton braided expandable sleeving for silicone tube

1)High Density PP Cotton sleeve

2)Reduce harness weight

3)Easy access for breakouts

4)Highly flexible and durable

5) –60°C~+125°C

6)Extreme abrasion resistance

7)Resistants common chemicals

8)Heavy duty and flexible

9)Superior cut, and abrasion resistance

10)Super strength and abrasion resistance

PP yarn Cotton Cable Braided Sleeving



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