pp expandable braided sleeve

pp expandable braided sleeve

Pet braided expandable sleeving is sleeved by the ROHS polyester silk knitting .It has a good scalability, flame retardant, wear resistance and thermal insulation. Product surface are smooth, brightly-colored, great variety. Products are widely used in computer power cord, audio-video, automotive, aviation , wire and cable industries, It has protect and beautify the role. Others can be customized according to customer demands including a variety of colors, patterns and all kinds of UV fluorescence color.

If you are looking for the best quality products for wire management and insulation, then rest assured that LS Braided Cable Sleeve is your best choice!!!

You will see that we have one of the most extensive ranges of insulation products, expandable braided sleeving, cable ties,  and accessories on the market, suitable for a wide spectrum of industries, from electrical design and construction companies, to manufacturers of electrical products and building industries. Expandable Braided Sleeves is manufactured from Polyethylene Terepthalate, or PET, which has great properties of flexibility and strength, plus a good resistance against chemicals, and when used on wire runs, it adds protection and extra insulation.

pp expandable braided sleeve

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