PET Electrical Expandable Flame Proof Braided Sleeving For Strong Electric Cable Protection

PET Electrical Expandable Flame Proof Braided Sleeving For Strong Electric Cable Protection 
1.  Description for braided sleeves

Plastic braided sleeve specification

Material: PET environmental non-toxic materials


Expansion (1~3 times)

Flame resistant: VW-1, 94-VO; UL94V-2

Temperature: -50 ℃~+125 ℃

Melting point: 230℃±5

Tinting strength: 100±5℃

1) A range of products suggested for general wire management, bundling and protection applications in home, office, commercial and industrial environments. This selection of products offers economical and user-friendly solutions.
used in electronics, automotive, marine and industrial wire harnessing applications where cost efficiency and durability are critical. 
2)  Grip Wrap offers cut-through and abrasion protection, and is easily installed on existing applications restricted by breakouts and large end fittings. It can be used to bundle wire harnesses, and can also be used as an economical alternative to molded channels.
The unique Grip Wrap system provides a variety of sealing and mounting options to accommodate any harnessing or cable management application.
3)  Flexibility and Accessibility
One of the greatest advantages sleeving has over other wire management solutions is its flexibility. When an application has to make tight turns, or snug up against existing structures, sleeving is the only workable solution. Properly installed, sleeving will not impair the flexibility of even large bundles of wires in any way, allowing it to be snaked along walls and around corners without kinking, creasing or cracking, and more importantly, without creating a dangerous tripping hazard.
Sleeving also allows individual wires to be accessed for breakouts anywhere along the length of the installation, making it much easier to create complex wire harnesses of virtually any length.
Compared to rigid products such as convoluted tubing, sleeving provides a much more flexible solution when turning managed bundles around tight corners or edges, resulting in a neater installation that doesn’t present any tripping hazards.
Our Features:

1)  All kinds of our products are ROHS compliant,

2)  The connectors could be AMP, Molex, JST, Ket or equivalent, Wire can use UL.CCC,CE.VDE,CSA,AS/NZ,PSE proved

3)  ODM/OEM order, trail order and customized cable are welcomed. Sample can be furnished after quotation confirm .

4)  Connector mold, injection mold, terminal mold, strain relief mold used in your projects can be designed or copied, abundance supply train near our company and fast logistics makes our price competitive and delivery time short.

5)  Strict quality control, strictly follow ISO management system, All the products are 100% test before delivery.


Widely used in bounding and protecting of electrical cables, automobile and aviation sectors.
It’s used to cover cables, wire harnesses, tubes, industrial hoses,Automotive,Automatic equipment.


Usage:Fiber Optic Cable Protection Sleeve Cable/ wire Bundling &  Protection Solution
FOR what Field: From small office/ home office to high tech wire and cable harnesses.
Sleeve Material 0.20mm PET Monofilament
Size 20mm flat width
Expandability 150%
Expanded Range 25mm~55mm
Packaging 250m/Spool,4 Spools/Ctn
Carton Size: 52*52*18cm or customized
Free Sample Available
Full Size Sample Lead time: As usual 3-7 working days
Production Lead time: 7-10 days


PET Electrical Expandable Flame Proof Braided Sleeving For Strong Electric Cable Protection





PET Electrical Expandable Flame Proof Braided Sleeving For Strong Electric Cable Protection

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