• Features of Nylon braided sleeving (2)

    Features and Benefits Due to its flame-retardant additives, our braided sleeving is self-extinguishing according to UL94 V0 and should be used wherever fire protection is important. HEGPV0X offers a higher expansion ratio of 3:1. The special structure of the Polyester braiding keeps out moisture and dirt. HEGPV0 and HEGPV0X are also resistant to acids. Application Helagaine HEGPV0 and HEGPV0X braided sleeving offers superior cable protection for car and railway vehicle manufacturing as well as machine tools, robotics and automatic equipment….

  • Application For Braided sleeves Of Cable Protection

    Application For Braided Sleeves Of Cable Protection Widely used in bounding and protecting of electrical cables, automobile and aviation sectors. It’s used to cover cables, wire harnesses, tubes, industrial hoses,Automotive,Automatic equipment. Automobile wires protection Structured cabling system  A/V cables & HDMI cables Industrial hoses & tubes protection          

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