Expandable Braided Sleeve Zipper Flexible Cable Management Sleeving

Expandable Braided Sleeve Zipper Flexible Cable Management Sleeving

Do you want to install a sleeving on the cable easily just like to close your coat with a zipper ,zipper braided wrap can offer this solution for you.it is dedicated to provide a professional finish to wiring installations and offer additional protection against flame and abrasion. Installing or uninstalling wire and cables very quickly and easily due to its special structure

We hope to be your good partner for different kinds of protection sleeves, our goal is to providethe best solution for the protection of hose and wire harness.

Zipper closely woven type textile sleeving is seamed by polyester multifilament and zipper, product have superior fireproofing, noise-reduction performance, abrasion performance, dust tightness, easy to operate,etc.Zipper type structure is good to protect, maintain and repair the wiring harness in public.

UL VW-1 zipper expandable braided cable sleeving for wire harness

Get a handle on exposed electronics cables with a Set of Zip-Up Cable Sleeves. Not only do tangled cords look messy, but they can also cause accidents and make it difficult to determine which cable belongs to which device. These simple management sleeves organize and conceal cords for your computer, entertainment center and more. Just gather the cords together, place the sleeve around the bundle and zip the sleeve closed. When you need to remove or add cables, simply unzip the sleeve. The flexible material easily routes cables along desks, walls and TV stands, and it can stretch to hold as many as 20 cables. 19-3/4″ x 2″ x 2″.

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