Elastic thread since the volume type braided sleeving

Elastic thread since the volume type braided sleeving (HYH-FRBC)

Product introduce:Open type braided sleeving(HYH-FRBC)is a circular sleeving,made from environmentally friendly flame retardant polyester monofilament and flame retardant polyester yarn.With a strong abrasion resistance, easy to install,disassemble and maintenance,have a mechanical protection for wire and cable.

The product application:Products are widely used in protection of various wiring harness ,like electronic appliances, high iron industry, automobile industry, communications industry and  automation equipment.Especially suitable for the environment of need protect and heat dissipation.

Technical parameters

Material:Polyester monofilament,polyester yarn

Working temperature:-40℃-+150℃

Melting point:240℃±10℃

Flame retardant level:UL94VO

Standard color:black

Certificate: ROHS.REACH

Cut tools:hot cut knife and scissors

Size  and specification:

model                  inner diameter(I)    largest wire diameter   packing(L)

FRBC-005                    5                                 6                      100米/卷

FRBC-008                    8                                 9                      100米/卷

FRBC-010                   10                                11                     100米/卷

FRBC-013                   13                                14                      50米/卷

FRBC-016                   16                                17                      50米/卷

FRBC-019                   19                                20                      25米/卷

FRBC-025                   25                                27                      25米/卷

FRBC-030                   30                                32                      25米/卷

FRBC-038                   38                                40                      25米/卷

FRBC-050                   50                                52                      25米/卷



1. Inner diameter is the circle diameter of sleeving,not fold diameter.

2.Special packaging, special color, special size can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

3.Product detail parameters is subject to sample admitted book.






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