China Protective Automotive Braided Sleeving Custom Printing For Cable Harness

China Protective Automotive Braided Sleeving Custom Printing For Cable Harness

Why choose us ?

1) One-Stop Supply of Heat Shrinkable Products and Wiring Harness.

2) Competitive price and flexible payment terms.

3) Abundant stocks and short delivery time.

4) Professional exporting experience and best service quality.

5)  Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents.

6)  Variety colors and customized accepted.

7)  Operating temperature range: -70~+155ºC
8)  Melt temperature: 250 ºC
9)  Flame retardant, UV resistant, Anti chemicals and solvents, Light weight and Flexible

10) Standard color: Black, White, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green etc.

Main characteristics and advantages:

1) Lasts longer than cable ties

2) Reduce harness weight

3) Easy access for breakouts

4) Obstraction-free cable grooming

5) Will not burn, melt or support combustion

6) Extreme abrasion resistance


1, Economical & easy to install light weight, and flexible
2, High tensile strength
3, Easy to be Cut & abrasion resistant
4, Expands up to 150%
5, Halogen free
6, Resists gasoline, chemicals & cleaning solvents
7, SGS, UL, RoHS approved
8, Available up to 3″ in diameter
9, -103F to 257F (-75C to 125C) temperature range
10, Melt temperature 446F (230C)
11, Colors: black, grey, white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange etc


Why Use Cable Sleeving?

Heat shrink braid sleeve consist of polyester multi-filament and special modified polyefin filament,it will shrink when expose to heat source,this unique woven construction makes it extremely flexible,easy to install on the hoses with irregular shapes.Suitable used in rough environments,providing excellent abrasion resistance and noise reduction.

Braided sleeving is one of the most popular choices, and we’ve got lots of varieties: everything from our general purpose PET wrap to our fiberglass sleeving for high temperature industrial applications. We offer a broad range of toughness, from Mylar for largely aesthetic cable concealment to the extremely durable Teflon. And everything in between! We also stock a broad range of tools to help you cut and seal our various sleeving products. Whether you’re looking for computer cable sleeves to tame your computer cables for your home or office, or you need specialty sleeving for automotive, military or even aerospace applications, we’ve got a sleeve for that.

Cable sleeving is one of the best looking and most diverse wire management solutions available. Whether you’re looking for wire loom, conduit, braided sleeving or spiral wrap, we’ve got the sleeving solution for your application.

Wire loom and conduit offer full-coverage protection for cables and wires, protecting from abrasion, moisture and the elements.


China Protective Automotive Braided Sleeving Custom Printing For Cable Harness

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