Braided Sleeves For Automotive Wiring Harness

Braided sleeves for automotive wiring harness

Nylon PET is widely used , if you are in the automotive industry, it would be better to use a braided sleeve. You can easily understand

The PET telescopic braided sleeve is a flame retardant and halogen-free high performance network tube. It can meet the requirements of wear protection in various industrial fields. In particular, its unique weaving structure can be expanded to a size 1.5 times larger than the original diameter, which is more suitable for wrapping the wire harness and can smoothly pass through the bulky connector.

Braided sleeve is widely used in computer power lines, wire harnesses, hoses, wire processing and other industries, in order to protect and beautify the wire and cable better.

Braided Sleeves For Automotive Wiring Harness




Braided Sleeves For Automotive Wiring Harness


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